Adverse Events

The impact of climate change and generally unpredictable weather in New Zealand, along with our geographical make-up and position along major earthquake fault-lines, means we are extremely vulnerable to adverse events such as floods, drought and earthquakes.

We're proud of the fact that our rural communities are the best at demonstrating resilience and recovery following an adverse event, yet our specialist needs such as animal welfare are often overlooked during an emergency. Federated Farmers has developed an excellent reputation in the response and management of adverse events, working alongside such organisations as the Rural Support Trust, MPI and Civil Defence.  We are often the first port of call during a response, with our members and staff providing a wide range of immediate support and long-term recovery planning. 

What's been happening

April 2021 Federated Farmers Drought Report

Posted on 31/08/2021
The April Summer Dry Survey 2021 highlighted that the production impact of the widespread North Island drought of 2020 had been alleviated in most regions excluding areas of Northland and the Hawkes Bay. However, the regions Marlborough, Canterbury a

FLOOD UPDATE – DAY 6 do you need help? please register!

Posted on 3/06/2021
We are having lots of offers for help which is amazing, particularly from people who the rural communities helped during the earthquake.

Canterbury updates - boil drinking water - restrict travel!

Posted on 1/06/2021
Another long day for everyone affected by the heavy rain and subsequent flooding It has been heartening to see you all out there doing what you do so well, pulling together, helping each other out, and protecting the welfare of your stock

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